Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Aurora, Indiana

"Don't, Don't you worry about the atmosphere
or any sudden pressure changes."
   - A lyric by Andrew Bird

After a good night’s sleep at Chris’s friends house the riders took off pedaling hard and moving fast to stay ahead of a coming band of showers and storms that was on the horizon. Most made it about 20 miles out of town before the sky exploded and lightening lit up the sky, the support vans quickly swept up those they could while many found shelter at a gas station along the way.  Luckily no one was caught out in the open for too long but everyone was pretty soaked while we patiently waited for the worst to pass.  We drove ahead in the vans with everyone racked to the designated lunch stop at mile 53 where we waited for another system to clear the area before they took off again.  Once the dark clouds were far enough east the weather really improved and a great afternoon of riding was possible for the last 40 miles.  Signs along the highway we were riding on warned of steep descents and sharp curves and they weren’t kidding.  Combined with the wet pavement the riders couldn’t really attack them like they wanted to but still had a lot of fun jetting through the back country roads that ran along a now rushing river from the heavy rains.  We passed through a couple of small towns before turning onto a 4 lane highway for the last 7 miles into Aurora. After the not so great hot start I think everyone was glad we waited out the storm to finish today’s ride.  The church we are staying at had a great dinner waiting for us when we pulled in which we really appreciated after such a long day in the road (especially since it meant my support team didn’t have to cook!). We gave a presentation to some of their congregation before heading to bed early to prepare for the big weekend we have coming up in Columbus!  We hit the great state of Ohio tomorrow, which means two things: 1.We have come a long long ways on our bikes 2. We are almost done. I can’t wait to get back on the road tomorrow. No Chain!

Raging river from all the rainfall.

Descending on a steep wet hill. Very very carefully.

Faster than it looks.

The main pack making a sharp curve.

Roshan & Libby celebrating the end of a tough climb.

I guess the pastor's son likes listening to Andrew Bird too.

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