Monday, May 24, 2010

A Million Miles in a Thousand Years

Below is a great quote from Don Miller one of my favorite authors who wrote a really good book about telling a better story with your life including his own personal account of his bike trip across the country:

“When you fly across the country in an airplane the country seems vast, but it isn’t vast. It’s all connected by roads on can ride a bike down.  If you watch the news and there’s a tragedy at a house in Kansas that guy’s driveway connects with yours, and you’d be surprised how few roads it takes to get there.  The trip taught us that we were all neighbors, that my life is connected to everybody else’s, that one person’s story has the power to affect millions.”
                                                                                           - Don Miller

I thought about this passage from the book a lot today as I was plodding up the mountains of West Virginia.  How La Jolla beach on highway 1 is connected to the driveway at Joe’s house in Las Cruces, New Mexico and the parking lot of the First Baptist Church in Ranger, Texas is just a thousand miles east on those same roads.  How the main street we paraded down at the Western Tennessee Strawberry Festival is connected to the roads that lead to Mammoth Cave National Park in the middle of Kentucky. How we somehow 6 weeks later through just a few turns ended up on the roads that led back home to Columbus, Ohio.  In the end they will all be connected to the highway that leads Bethany beach, the end of our journey just a couple of days away for us now.  It’s truly a small world connected by just a few roads, especially when you get off the interstate and enjoy the country and the people of America like we have the past 7 weeks. What an amazing, life changing experience traveling down all of them this trip has been.  

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