Thursday, May 13, 2010

Cincinatti, Ohio

"So maybe tomorrow,
Ill find my way home."
        - Stereophonics

We crossed into Ohio about 20 miles into our 35 mile ride today, it was pretty anticlimatic as we were on a back road with no big sign announcing our arrival.  I personally didn't even realize we had done it until I started noticing all the license plates of the cars we were passing displayed the red, white and blue pattern of my current homestate.  It was a pretty easy ride overall as 35 miles is not really even long enough ride for us to worry about anymore, which says a lot about the number of miles we have been packing in on this trip.  We even got to sleep in till 7:30 this morning because we knew it would take less than 2 hours to arrive at our destination especially with the light tailwind that was pushing us a long highway 50 at very quick clip.  We finished up a pretty decent mile long climb to reach the University of Cincinatti Medical Center which sits on a hill overlooking downtown. We were gave our presentation over lunch at the college of medicine, it was one of our best attended events yet.  I just got back from running Chris to the airport as he is the first in the group to become doctor when he graduates at Boston University this weekend, which is a scary scary thought after spending a lot of time with him on this trip.  Tonight we have a lot of friends and family coming into town to join us on our 110 mile trip to Columbus in the morning, I hope they have been training because that is a long ways to go and the weather is not supposed to be that great. We also have another presentation to some residents at Christ Hospital which is also located in town.  Big day tomorrow both in terms of the riding and the events planned so I'm sure we'll all turn in pretty early. Can't wait to see the Columbus skyline, No chain!

Team Tango leading the way into Ohio!

Just cruising through downtown.

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